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 Most often the best help comes 

 from someone who has been there 

Every minute about 27 new patients

are diagnosed with Cancer! 


That is 37,440 cases in 1 hour, and

more than 13,500,000 cases a year!

 Approximately 40.4 percent of men and women will be diagnosed

with all cancer sites at some point during their lifetime.


That is almost 1 in 3.


And it would not be wrong to assume,  

a 90% chance of at least 

one person getting diagnosed in each family!

But We won't be able

to make it alone,

We need your support

on this journey! 

When we arrive,

They'll arrive

and When they arrive

you'll arrive!

Some of theBenefits of Chealth App


• 24/7 access to information
• communication without ANY geographical limitations
• Empathy & Mental support 
• Secure & Authentic  


• Less Anxiety & Worries
• Open access to information 
•  Less waiting; saving time, energy & Money.
• Understanding what helps without trial and error 


• More Patient data
• Pattern suggestions
• Traceable data for customized treatments
• Making research more efficient  plus direct learning from patient cases. 

What is the Chealth App?

CHealth App is a smart mobile application for patients and their caregivers which makes communication more efficient by making a customized community around the needs of each patient. 
The platform provides new and tailored research information focused on current needs of users. This makes research more useful and hopefully will clear uncertainty to some degrees.


• Create the means for every Cancer patient to get the support  they need.


• Shaping the Health Care of tomorrow today.


• Create a community of 'Chealthers' wherever we go.



• To do the same for all other chronic diseases.


• To leave no-one behind! 


What's next?

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Let's make them smile again! :)

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